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Oldtimer club Dvotaktol recommends the use of Petrol engine oils for vehicle care and maintenance.

Oldtimer klub Dvotaktol priporoča uporabo Petrol motornih olj za nego in vzdrževanje vozil.


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We also have T-SHIRTS. Maybe a shirt and a jacket for your better half? We also have SCARFS and high quality CAR STICKERS! Small, large, sticker for every surface.

About softshell jacket:

  • 320g/m2, WP 5.000/MVP 5.000
  • Outer fabric: 95% polyester / 5% elastane
  • TPU membrane: waterproof, paraporous, weatherproof
  • Inner fabric: 100% polyester microflue
  • The main zipper is waterproof YKK
  • Other zippers on YCC pockets
  • Three outer pockets, one inner pocket
  • Folding hood
  • Ventilation openings with double zip and polyester mesh
  • Sleeve width regulation
  • Elastic cord with holders for adjusting the width of the jacket

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Procedure for obtaining the status of a classic vehicle

The SVS association, which is the official representative of the FIVA organization in Slovenia with the title FIVA ANF (Authoritee Nationale FIVA), is therefore authorized for giving the "REPORT on the classification of the vehicle in the class of the classic vehicle status" and the "EVALUATION RECORD" for those vehicles that fulfill the conditions according to the Rulebook.

Price list for issuing an SVS card for oldtimer vehicle

The vehicle can be viewed at the seat of the company at the agreed time and free of charge. To view the vehicle with a candidate at his home or at another location outside the company's headquarters, the candidate pays only the commissioner travel costs.

SVS cards

The SVS certificate for a classic vehicle is an identification document for a vehicle that fulfills the conditions for obtaining the status as an oldtimer vehicle and has a validity in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.


Tomos Koper has been operating successfully for 60 years. From the very beginning, the company invested in development, technical innovations and user-friendliness. Between 1998 and 2015, Tomos became part of Hidria Corporation. By purchase by MPO Kabel d.o.o. in 2015, a new story began for Tomos.

The brand began to be launched immediately after the establishment of the company in 1954, when Tomos sent the first motorcycles to the market. The decades of high-quality development, the successes of technically trained staff, Tomos led to today's position - today the brand is well known throughout the world.

Restoration of Tomos electronic 90, l. 1979, 100%
Restoration of Tomos 15 SLC, l. 1984, 100%
Restoration of Tomos automatic N, l. 1971, 100%
Obnova Tomos Puch SR 150 Galeb, l. 1960, 62%
Obnova Tomos Mosco, l. 1960, 45%


Especially during the winter period we are engaged in the renovation of oldtimer vehicles. If the time and financial condition of the individual permits, it depends on how quickly the renovation takes place.

The renovation of the vintage vehicles can also be understood as its own interpretation; everyone is an artist and adjusts the refinement to his or her taste, although we always strive for the original state of the vehicle before the restoration.


Oldtimer club Dvotaktol

Oldtimer club Dvotaktol combines both two-stroke, four-stroke as well as one-track and two-track classic vehicles.

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